Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm almost a real adult??

Well folks, it's not the last week of November and I'm not yet graduated, but it's funny how things can change in just a short amount of time. I was aiming to graduate the first week of November because I was going to night school and getting 10 extra hours a week. But then I realized that I needed a job to get me through the rest of the year more than I needed to graduate the first week of November. Okay, maybe that doesn't really make sense, because the faster I graduate the sooner I can work in a salon and make more money. It's a valid point, but this girl wanted to go home and spend some time with the fam before starting real life. So things worked out just perfectly where I got a job at my school working in dispense, which is where all the product and hair color and all that lovely hair stuff is, and I hand that out and I wash towels, because we definitely use a lot of those! So anyway, since I am now working at night school I can't go to get extra hours, so it pushed my graduation date back a whole month. Kinda sucks, but we are living with it. As of right now I was 1918 hours, and I only need 2000 to graduate!!! That's only 82 hours left... But who's counting right?? So I graduate December 8th, that's 16 days, 10 more school days, but again, who's counting? :) So December is an exciting month. I'm graduating from hair school on the 8th, I get to go HOME and see my precious family and play with my adorably niece and meet my chunky nephew! I'm obviously just a little excited.

Monday, August 13, 2012

One summer and 5 hairstyles later

Well summer is coming to a close and I haven't blogged once... Oops. But I'm here now and I'll just give you  a quick little summary of my busy busy summer :)

My best friend got married

My perfect nephew Owen was born!! (He's now 3 months old!!!)

Cozi and Owen are so precious, I can't wait to see them both! 

My school had a big hair show at the end of May and I did hair for that and I modeled! It was a crazy stressful experience but I loved it!!! The theme was Broadway musicals, and my group had Newsies and I modeled in the group Wicked as Glinda!! SO MUCH FUN! 
(My model Christine Sellers modeling the hair piece i made and the newspaper dress I made too!)

After hair show life was kind of slow, I didn't know what to do with myself! But I kept busy! I got a job at a snow cone shack which is now closed.... But it was the best month ever! 

At the end of July I moved in with some family friends in Lehi, so I'm there now, and loving it! I get to hang out with some cute little kids all the time, and they always are making me laugh!

Went to a Salt Lake Bee's game with some of my TA school friends!!

This past week I got the best surprise ever!! My parents came to visit me from Texas and surprised me at my school!!! I saw them at the front and I started screaming and then I was just bawling... I was SO happy to see them!!! 

We had a great week full of hiking and floating the Provo river, boating and I got a new car!! I have the best family EVER!

I went to a DEMOLITION derby this past Saturday and it was seriously the funnest night ever!!! My friend Blake took me with his family, and I had a blast!!!

Basically I've had a great summer filled with some awesome adventures and a LOT of school. I am working hard to graduate by at least the first week of November!!?!?! Crazy right? That's only 3 months away!! I can't wait to see what the future holds for me, but for now I'm just enjoying the ride and working hard :) 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Happy

Lately I've been in some weird funk, where I just haven't really been happy. Which is weird, because if you're reading this then you know that I'm really one of the happiest girls in the world. I love to be happy. When people ask me what my favorite things to do are I usually respond with laughing and smiling. It's true. I love to be happy. So why have I been unhappy lately? I'm not sure, maybe its the weather that's brought me down, maybe I'm stressed and a little homesick, or maybe it's because my best friend is getting married and I really don't know how to react to it. It could be none of those or it could be a mixture of all of them. But I don't like it. I hate being unhappy, let's be honest though, who likes being unhappy? Hopefully no one! But I especially hate it. So I've changed my mind, changed my attitude, and decided that it was time for me to be happy again!! Really though, I have such an amazing life, it would be selfish and awful of me to not be happy. I have the greatest family in the world. A mom and dad who make me laugh and are funny and sweet and still take care of me even though I'm miles and miles away. I have such great friends here that can always make me smile and laugh. I am getting an amazing education and doing what I love and makes me happy. So no more unhappy Becca. No more negative Nancy. Happy Becca is back. It feels so good. Sometimes I just need to remind myself that happiness is a choice. I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!!!

Oh and let's not forget.....

Sunday, January 22, 2012


In my free time I like to look videos up on youtube and watch covers that people have done on songs. My particular favorite people to look up never seem to disappoint. Justin Robinett and Michael Henry. Seriously. Never disappoint. Look them up. I promise you won't be sorry. Their latest video is a cover to the song "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" originally by Maroon 5. Holy crap. Seriously amazing. I don't even want to listen to the original anymore. So since I've been going on about how amazing these two guys are, here's the video so you can just watch it yourself, and be blown away! They are also pretty funny.. They usually have something random and funny going on in, so be prepared to laugh! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do..

Another side note... These guys are from Lubbock.... Cool right? 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

When your best friend gets engaged.

This week has been an interesting week. You may recall a post a few months ago about a certain Camie Knight, if you need a refresher you can go here. Well this girl, my very best friend in the whole entire world, the person who knows everything about me. We can go months without seeing each other and weeks with out talking, but when we do talk, or get to see each other it's like nothing has changed. Camie is my best friend that's all there is to it! Well anyway, this week has been interesting because last Sunday night Cam got engaged to Judd Wray. You can check out their cute new blog here! The whole engagement story and all that is on there, I got to be there, and I'll be totally honest... I cried the whole time!! But it was beautiful! Has anyone else been in this situation where someone close gets married and you're still totally single? Because I'm totally accepting advice right about now :) I'm just happy that the two of them still hang out with me.. It will be a fun few months of planning the wedding and then the whole world will change.. In a good way, of course! But congratulations again to my Camie and Judd!! April and 27th is just right around the corner!

And this became....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long time, no blogging!

Wow, so much has happened since I last blogged I hardly know where to start! But I guess I'll start right where I left off.. Which is right around Christmas break!!!

So, for one fabulous week I got to go home and spend time with my amazing family out in Texas in their beautiful new home! (See picture for proof.) I flew out on Christmas Eve, got there that night, we had some yummy Chinese food for dinner, with some awesome company consisting of my parents, Kenny, Grandpa Haynie and the missionaries! Such a blast! Nathan, Liv and Cozi surprised me that night by coming over! It was so much fun to see them, and play with my adorable niece who I've barely gotten to see!
Christmas was a fun, relaxed day.. Actually, I will be honest, it wasn't that fun. I got sick with the flu and was stuck in bed the whole day! But at least it was only a 24 hour thing, because then I got to party with my family the rest of the week! Basically I didn't do much, just hung out with my family and got some awesome new clothes with my mom!! I loved being with my parents, and siblings. I love and miss them so much and I'm so grateful for them!!! I also celebrated my 20th birthday while in Texas, and I wouldn't have had it any other way! I love my family! Enjoy these few pictures from my adventures in the great big state of Texas!!

Cozi playing with sweet Grandpa Haynie! 
Cozi and the winking dog, Buddy! 
 We love Cozi! 
Family out to dinner for my birthday! (Please take note of my awesome red pants)
 Loved playing with this sweet girl
That smile!! Those curls!! 
Yep. She's definitely a Haynie. 
 Dallas is such a big city!! 
My little Kenny isn't so little anymore...

I'm still really enjoying school! Working hard and having a little fun along the way ;) Here's just a few pictures to prove that I actually work hard! Haha

Giving my best friend, Katelyn an awesome haircut! 
 Just some mannequins that we colored in class!! 
I love wrapping perms!! Ha... 

And here's a few miscellaneous pictures of things that I've been up to, just partyin it up and living the college dream ;)

Going to a stake dance where everyone just wants to be like me... Ha (Notice my red pants again, and how my roommate copied me on them, not happy about that.)
Friday night Rockband
Random trips to Farmington to see cute boys ;)
 Paint fight in Salt Lake City before and after! 
 Girls night at Applebees and getting balloon art! Yeah.. We're 5.

That's just a short kinda long recap on what I've been doing at the start of the new year! Stay tuned because there's so many more exciting things to happen this year!! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's getting cold outside.

I know I haven't really posted about anything very exciting in a while.. Sorry about that! But here I am finally posting about what I've been up to lately!

I graduated from freshman at hair school, so I'm not out on the floor! It's super exciting. I loved the 7 weeks that I had as a freshmen, but I'm super excited about being able to have clients and work on bettering my skills as a hair stylist! Seriously, I love hair school!!

Me and Lex on boy haircutting day

I've recently been able to hang out with my big brother Ben, and it's been so much fun! I love him :)
My new favorite thing to do is go to Applebees on Wednesday nights and play BINGO! It's so much fun, anyone can play and you don't even have to order anything to play. It's so much fun! We went with a group last week, and it was so fun! Alexa and me got bingo! It was SO exciting! 


This past week at school we ran around town looking for decorations to decorate our door at school, this is me and some of my favorite TA girls shopping!

This lady at the store noticed that we were struggling because we didn't have enough money to pay for our decorations, and she so kindly gave us a 5 dollar bill! She is so sweet!!!!!

Last Saturday my ward went to Temple Square to see all the Christmas lights! It was so much fun, and so beautiful! I absolutely love Temple Square, but it's just so beautiful and amazing at Christmas time! It was amazing :)
Meet Alexa, we love each other :)

Alyson and Alexa! Pretty sure if I didn't have these girls next door, I'd die.

My really good friend, Josh! 


Since it is Christmas time I decided it was necessary to decorate my apartment with decorations, so here's the final product!

Yes, I put mistletoe up at my apartment.... I'm determined to put it to use ;)